Frequently Asked Questions

Overview and Cost

Is Virgent Like a For Sale By Owner?

Virgent is a full service real estate agency, not a for sale by owner. We take care of the entire home sale online, from valuation to closing. We provide advice from our experienced agents every step of the way and use advanced technology to streamline the process.

How Much Does Virgent Cost?

We charge a flat $5,000 listing fee after your home sale closes, instead of a traditional 3% listing commission that most agents charge, because it doesn't cost us more to sell a more expensive home. You will still be responsible for the standard 3% buying agent commission to ensure your property gets shown to buyers. We at Virgent never see that latter commission - it goes straight to the buying agent at closing.

What's Included In The Fee?

We include all the services you'd expect from a traditional agent including:

  • A detailed, real-time home valuation done by a licensed agent
  • Professional photography for every listed property
  • Listing on the local MLS, as well as sites like Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Automated showing scheduling via text message
  • Online offer management with agent recommendations
  • Offer negotiation with buying agents
  • Closing management

All of these services are included in our $5,000 flat fee that you don't pay until after your sale closes. Because we're driven by advanced technology, we can offer most of these services (besides the photography) entirely online using real-time data.

How Much Do I Have To Pay Upfront?



Yep. You don't pay anything at all until the day your home sells.

When Do I Have To Give Credit Card or Bank Account Information?

Never. Our fee comes out of the final settlement of the sale at closing, so you never have to give us any payment information.

Will I Have A Licensed Agent Helping Me?

Yes - but in a different way than a traditional brokerage. Our licensed agents take care of valuing your home, listing your property on the MLS, negotiating offers, and answering your call if you ever have a question. Unlike a traditional agent, our platform takes care of most of the communication to make sure you have all the information you need on-demand. You may never actually talk or email directly with one of our agents, but they are behind the scenes making sure your home sale goes as smoothly as possible.

Home Valuation

How Do You Value My Home Without Visiting It?

We use data from comparable nearby homes, pricing trends in your neighborhood, and tax records to develop our listing price recommendation for your home. This lets our agent's come up with a completely unbiased recommendation, which historically has been very accurate. Our ratio of sold price to valuation price is almost 100%, so on average homeowners end up getting what we predicted using our data driven approach.

What If I Want To List My Home For a Higher Price Than Your Valuation?

If you want to list your home slightly higher than our valuation, we're usually happy to accomodate, with the caveat that we'll include a price reduction plan in the listing agreement. This means that if your home isn't getting shown or receiving offers at that higher price for a few weeks, we'll automatically reduce the price back to the level we think it needs to be to sell.

My House Is Especially Awesome. How Do You Account For That In Your Valuation?

We love unique properties, and we use the answers you give about updates to your home in the initial valuation request form in our price recommendation. If we get back the listing photos and see something that would cause us to change our initial list price, we'll give you a call or email before putting the home on the market to discuss.

Listing My Home

Where Is My Listing Marketed?

We syndicate our listings to all of the sites you'd expect from a real estate agent, as well as some places you might not expect. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

  • The MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • YouTube
  • Estately
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In addition to standard web syndication, we also automatically push your listing to your neighbors. We identify other homeowners within 2 miles of your home and ask them to send your listing to their friends through social media so it gets viewed by the maximum number of buyers.

How Soon Can I Get My Property Listed?

From the moment you schedule your listing consultaion on your valuation dashboard, we can usually have your property listed in the MLS within 2 days. We're only limited by how quickly we can send out our professional photographer, which is usually the next day, and how fast you can complete the electronic listing agreement and disclosure paperwork.

How Long Does The Photography Appointment Take?

We book the appointment for 1 hour, which is more than enough time to capture great photos of even larger houses. We do ask all clients to have their home cleaned before our photographer shows up to make sure we don't run out of time - you can read our blog post for more info on prepping your home for listing photos.


How Do Showings Work?

When our photographer comes by you're home, they'll also install a yard sign and a Supra lockbox with a key to your house. This lockbox enables licensed agents to access your home for private showings, and keeps a detailed digital trail of everyone who used it. Only licensed agents can access the lockbox.

When an agent requests a showing on your home, you'll automatically receive a text message asking you to confirm that you can be out of the house during the showing time requested. If you approve the time, our system will confirm the time with the agent and send you a confirmation email. If that time doesn't work, you can let the agent know what times work better.

Do You Hold Open Houses?

Open houses are a waste of time for home sellers. According to the National Association of Realtors, fewer than 10% of homes nationally are sold through open houses. The reason? Most people who attend open houses aren't qualified buyers. Agents know this, and instead use open houses as a way to find buyer leads, rather than sell your home. Since we don't work with buyers at Virgent, and we're all about saving you time, we opt for private showings with qualified buyers instead.


What Happens When I Get An Offer?

When we receive an offer on your house, our agents will review it and add their accept/reject/counter recommendations. You'll receive an email automatically once the offer is ready to go with a link to your dashboard where you can review it and accept/reject it or submit a counter. Throughout the entire process, our agents will provide their advice and take care of handling the negotiation directly with the buying agent based on your decisions. Once you accept an offer, we'll send you the final paperwork to e-sign.


Where Will My Closing Take Place?

In the comfort of your own home. We've developed strategic partnerships that allow our clients to close via a mail-out rather than actually going to a closing table and wasting 2-3 hours. A few days before the closing, you'll be mailed the final paperwork. Just sign the documents (some may require a notary public), and mail them back to the law firm. Your proceeds from the transaction will be wired directly to your account; no need to go anywhere on closing day.