Study: City vs. Suburbs – Where Do Today’s Homeowners Want to Live?


City vs. suburbs—it’s an age-old debate. Cities may offer culture, conveniences, and desirable amenities, but suburbanites often benefit from more square footage, bigger yards, and better schools. Certainly, each has their trade-offs. But a new report released by the National Association of Realtors helps shed some light on American’s shifting community and lifestyle preferences. And some of the findings may surprise you…

Think retirees are best suited for the suburbs? Think again.

The majority of the ‘silent generation’ (those born before 1944), prefer smaller homes in walkable neighborhoods with shops ...

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Open Houses Don’t Work. Here’s Why.


At first glance, an open house might not seem like a terrible idea. Why not do everything you can to increase exposure? But unfortunately, in reality, open houses rarely result in anything other than wasted time.

What do the statistics say?

As a data-driven company, we consult the numbers above all else. And the verdict is clear: Last year, fewer than 8% of homes were sold by open house.

But even that low percentage is deceivingly high. You see, that study clumps open houses and yard signs together into one category ...

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Three Ways The New Tax Bill Could Impact The Housing Market


They’re calling the House and Senate’s recently unveiled tax plans ‘the most sweeping tax overhauls in three decades.’ And each plan proposes substantial changes that directly impact the housing market by reducing some of the tax benefits of homeownership.

It has left many industry professionals in a tailspin with vocal opponents—like the CEO of the National Association of Home Builders, Jerry Howard—arguing the changes could lead to a housing recession. In some areas, real estate agents have even begun to stage protests. And yet, some economists are skeptical that the ...

client case study

[Video] Our Clients Tell All


We recently sat down with a few clients who’ve sold their homes with Virgent. Their stories and reasons for selling couldn’t have been more different—from a family who made their first flip to help pay for adoption costs to a woman who sold her home to live in an airstream and travel the country. But they did all have something in common: A desire for an easier, better selling experience. Listen in as they explain…



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Atlanta Real Estate and Amazon HQ2


Amazon is scouting the country for a second headquarters location, and fifty cities—including Atlanta—are vying for the prize. No doubt, the stakes are high. Amazon pledges to invest $5 billion in HQ2 and employ 50,000 people with high-paying tech jobs.

Something of this magnitude has the power to change the entire landscape of a city. But does Atlanta really have a chance of wooing Amazon here? And, if so, what’s the potential impact on the city’s real estate market?

Atlanta Offers Most of Amazon’s ‘Must Haves’

There is reason for ...

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Five Quick Tips for Selling a Condo


With accurate, current data and a little preparation, selling a condo in today’s real estate market doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are five tips to achieving good results in a timely manner.

Tip #1: Price your condo to the market.

When a neighborhood is hot, it’s tempting to over-price a property and see what happens. But with condos, that’s always a mistake. It’s just too easy to establish value when nearly identical units have sold recently in your building. A typical condo development offers just a few designs and ...

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Client Case Study: It Doesn’t Cost More To Sell A More Expensive Home


Forgoing the traditional approach to home selling may seem risky for a high-end property. After all, there’s a lot of money on the line. And, the higher your price, the smaller (and more discriminating) the pool of buyers.

Even so, upon sale of a $949,000 home like our client’s Lake Claire place, the traditional 3% commission for the listing agent alone equates to a whopping $27,470. But could there be a way for home sellers to save money without sacrificing service—to actually have a better and more enjoyable experience?

We certainly think ...

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Get Buyers in the Door: Five Tips to Achieve The Perfect Online Listing


Today, 9 out of 10 home buyers find their new home online—usually on a listing website like Zillow, Trulia, or That’s hardly a surprising statistic, but it reinforces the importance of having an online listing that showcases your home in its best light.

What is the online listing comprised of?

A short description, a set of photos, and all of your home’s relevant data (bed/bath count, square footage, subdivision, etc.) When this info is inputted into the MLS, it feeds directly to hundreds of listing websites automatically.

Of course, even ...

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The Revitalization of Downtown Atlanta…Coming Soon?


Is it possible downtown Atlanta could be the next neighborhood to experience a surge in housing prices? A growing list of proposed projects and developments suggest investors are starting to place bets that downtown will soon join the list of Intown’s hottest neighborhoods.

Skeptics may argue city leaders and planners have been trying to ‘re-brand’ downtown for years without significant results. And, as of now, it’s not typically a local’s hangout. But there’s a case to be made for the potential revitalization of downtown.

Living Downtown

Housing development is gaining ...

Home Design

The 5 Design Trends Today’s Home Buyer Can’t Resist


You want your home to reflect your unique style and taste, of course. But if you have an eye on resale, you may want to consider incorporating a few of the today’s hottest design trends. According to the National Association of Home Builders, these are the looks home buyers are pining for… And here’s how to achieve them:

1. Think ‘Modern Farmhouse’

This style has been been popular for a few years, but the trend doesn’t seem to be cooling off anytime soon. Home builders who want to achieve this look can incorporate covered/wraparound porches, wood exterior details like ...