Atlanta’s Four Best Neighborhoods for a Walkable Lifestyle


No surprise to local commuters, Atlanta’s traffic ranks among the world’s worst. And recent events certainly haven’t helped matters. Namely, of course, the now-infamous I-85 bridge collapse—followed by a string of incidents this week which shut down major sections of the city’s infrastructure with an underground gas leak, a chemical spill and, yes, ANOTHER bridge fire.

You’re not alone if all this has you day-dreaming of ditching your car entirely for a relaxed, walkable lifestyle.

Generally, walkability tends to increase home values. And it seems that Atlantan’s are increasingly placing ...


The 5 Hottest Condos in Midtown Atlanta


You can’t miss the skyline dotted with cranes as you pass through Midtown. No surprise, more than 45 projects and developments are planned or in progress—an impressive number for an area that’s less than 1.5 miles wide. Of these projects, 20 are condos or apartments, creating housing for an additional 14,000 new residents.

The population of Midtown has already been growing at five times the pace of Atlanta as a whole in recent years. And the demand shows it. Just take a look at the average price per sq. ft. ...

Projects & Construction

Will This Be Bigger Than The BeltLine?


To say the BeltLine has changed Atlanta would be an understatement. Though The New York Times recently referred to it as a ‘glorified sidewalk,’ its construction has left real estate prices soaring in its trail – to the tune of 50 to 60% appreciation from 2012 to 2015 vs. 30 percent in the rest of the city.

Does Atlanta’s next mixed-use, mega-project have the potential to impact Atlanta real estate even more dramatically? And is the Westside destined to be Atlanta’s hottest neighborhood? Let’s explore…

What is the project? ...
Home Selling Tips

When’s The Best Time to Sell Your Home in Atlanta?


Kelly and Mike disagree on when to list their metro-Atlanta single-family home. She advocates listing it during winter, when there are fewer homes on the market to compete with. He wants to wait till May, when the yard looks spectacular and more buyers are looking. So, who’s right?

The Off-Season Inventory is Low, But…

Kelly’s instincts about inventory levels are spot-on. Let’s look at the data for Fulton, Cobb and DeKalb counties to prove her point. Since 2014, the differential between the lowest-inventory month and the highest has averaged 22 ...

House Flipping

How To Flip A Home, Part 3: Selling For A Profit


So far you’ve sourced a property with a high ROI potential and renovated the home to fit in with the neighborhood. Now that the hard work is done, how can you maximize your flip’s profit once it’s ready to be listed?

Finalize the list price based on changes in the local market

As mentioned in Part 1, you should have set a target sale price for the flip even before purchasing the home. A lot can change in 6 months though, so once you’re putting the finishing touches on the ...

House Flipping

How To Flip A Home, Part 2: Renovating The Right Way


As we discussed last week, a lot of the hard work for a profitable flip is done during the sourcing process, before the property is even purchased. Once you’ve done your due diligence and found an opportunity, the renovation and redesign begins.

The renovation may be the most fun part of the flip for most investors, but it’s also the part that’s most likely to drive up costs unnecessarily and reduce the final ROI. How can you make sure you’re renovating for return, instead of for fun?

Start with the ...
House Flipping

How To Flip A Home, Part 1: Sourcing The Flip


Shows like Flip or Flop make it seem like “flippable” properties are always coming on the market and super easy to grab at a profitable price. Just find a cheap house in a nice area and renovate, right? Like we’ve written before about HGTV, reality isn’t a TV show. Flips can go wrong really fast and end up returning a lot less than you expected.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll cover the basics of flipping a home the right way to make a significant return. The truth is that flipping a ...